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Denver is a vibrant, growing city that is bringing people together from all walks of life. It has a deep cultural history that is being shaped every day by the next generation of Denverites. 

I have spent my career serving the people of Denver and as one of your next city council members, I will continue to fight and advocate for the incredible growth and opportunity we see across our city. For me, sustainable growth requires intention. I know what it's like to build a business, a family, and a community in Denver. I've seen the struggle of making ends meet firsthand, and have committed my life to public service to build systems and programs that lift up all Denverites. In order to produce lasting impact, short term solutions are not enough. It is critical that we invest in our next-gen workforce, professional trades, and critical infrastructure to ensure we have the economic vitality and reliability for our continued progress as a city and to grow Denver's middle class and its standard of living. Every neighborhood and family must have access to the resources and services they need to future-proof their careers, raise the next generation of Denverites, and to help ensure access to quality housing options so that everyone in our community can thrive.

I am Will Chan and I am fighting for ONE DENVER, working to bridge the gap between private, public, and government sectors to build the cutting edge, sustainable solutions needed for Denver's prosperity. I have spent my career at this intersection and look forward to you joining our efforts to build a Denver that works for everyone.


Will Chan is a first generation Denverite, a son of immigrants, and a fierce believer that we can solve our deepest challenges through building community. Throughout his years in public service, Will has worked in coalition to deliver bold, systemic change, and redefine what is possible through local leadership across Denver's neighborhoods.

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